Be the Master Key Holder

Be the Master Key Holder

Be the Master Key Holder

My heart just breaks for clients who invest so much money and trust into teams to develop and manage their websites and social profiles, only to have zero access to their tech property. What do I mean by that? Even if you completely trust your vendor to best represent and manage your business online, you should 100% be the main gateway for access. These past couple of weeks I have had too many conversations with clients who have no records, knowledge, or ability to access their website, social profiles, or email marketing tool. That makes deploying and measuring marketing results practically impossible.

If this is you, here are some tips to ensure you have ownership and access to your property.


Have a generic personal profile, not your pet-loving, recipe sharing, TikTok giggling profile. But an ambitious profile. Why? Because this will be the one your Business Facebook page owns. From your business page, you can grant permission to staff and marketing partners as needed. You don’t have to do this, but when you want to grant access to staff or vendors to your business page, you may be asked to be “Friends” with them first. Having a generic personal profile helps you not mix business with pleasure.


Now let’s talk about your website. Even if you want to stay light years away from having any involvement with your website, you absolutely should record the following critical information. If you don’t know these details, it’s like buying a house but not getting the keys.

  • Hosting Provider: This is who holds your website so that it’s live in the world of the internet. Typically, it’s a monthly fee to keep the site live and could even include maintenance to keep the site technically operating.
  • Website Access: You need to know where to go to update content, review form submissions (leads), and be able to showcase new products and services. If you have a WordPress website, the web address probably looks like this and will require a username/email address and password.
  • Domain Ownership: This is the web address(es) for your website. This could be a service like
  • Google Analytics: This is usually accessed from your master Gmail account. If you have never seen this before, go ask your developer right now! This is the tool that double-checks vendor reports and showcases results directly connected to your website. It’s also one of the best ways to measure performance from multiple different marketing channels including your website.

Marketing can measure success when these tools are accessible.

When I don’t have access to these tools with a new client, I’m already setting myself up for poor results. But when I do have access, that means I have data at my fingertips to show you efforts and results, and can optimize the experience to prospects and buyers at the same time. Too many clicks to get to the meat, no trackability of downloads, or little to zero ways to capture contact information, all result in marketing time and money waste.

I hope this shakes you up and makes you wonder where your property is and how to access it. Good! Now go get your ownership back! Keep the login pages, usernames, and passwords locked away in a notebook or tool like Last Pass. Own your property and feel confident and secure knowing you have complete access of your some of your most expensive marketing assets.

Until next week!

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