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Does your business need a marketing health check?

Test your marketing effectiveness to grow your business with a free marketing and brand audit. You will be surprised to see how well you are doing and what new ideas you’ll generate.

6 Reasons Why You Need a Marketing Health Check

Do you experience anxiety when sales begin to drop? Most business owners do! They see a decline in sales, increase marketing, sales pick up, marketing stops. This rollercoaster is expensive, ineffective, and can cause significant damage across departments, staff, financials, and marketing measuring metrics.
Your marketing deserves an annual performance review to hold your teams, efforts, and investments accountable to optimize performances and reach your business goals. It’s time to take a deep breath with a Marketing Audit and prioritized your marketing action steps. If you don’t do this regularly, you may be wasting valuable marketing dollars.
Here are 6 main reasons why you need to do annual Marketing Audits to help your business grow smart.


Get a Free Marketing Audit Toolkit to walk you through grading your marketing efforts.
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1. Find what’s broken and fix it.

Taking a close look at a variety of analytics will help you uncover significant flaws in strategy, process, and implementation before it becomes a costly mistake. Take time to ask yourself, “What’s working? What’s not working? What are your goals for this business?” Identifying these issues now will help you quickly pivot when necessary. 

2. Pivot your perspective.

When marketing elements are reviewed collectively, allow yourself to shift your mindset to look from your customer’s point of view. You will get new ideas and be empowered to make minor shifts that help you make deeper connections with your customers. 

3. The key is proactivity, not crisis management.

Instead of getting stressed out by continually putting out fires, take time to get organized, put systems in place, align business and marketing plans, so that you can make smart, proactive decisions, and work smarter not harder.

4. Invigorate and maximize your ROI.

Uncover what has fallen stale. What is misfiring at customer touchpoints? How many conversions are you losing because of something like a broken link? 

5. Does it all look like one company?

Consistency is the major factor in having a strong and effective brand and ensures all of your marketing investments showcase as one unified company. When your elements are different – they can translate to the customers as different companies making it harder to build customer loyalty (retention), referrals, not to mention making it hard to find you online.  

6. Keep yourself accountable.

Is the money you’re spending paying you back? Are you staying focused on your business goals? Does your message speak your authentic voice? Is your content promising the experience that you are delivering each day? Set goals and track them, it may feel tedious, but it’s critical to measure success.


How sure are you that your marketing is performing its best? Just like employees get annual performance reviews that provide constructive feedback on work and career progression. A marketing report is your business’s yearly performance report card.
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To download, we only require a few details. No payment is required. If you’d like to chat with us about the results, you can schedule your complimentary call.


Download the Free Marketing Audit Toolkit to walk you through grading your marketing efforts. This in-depth toolkit will help you evaluate your business’ current operations, sales, and marketing and inspire new ideas. You will learn how to spend your marketing budget more wisely and make calculated decisions. The audit takes approximately 30-45 minutes of dedicated time to improve your marketing efforts and build a strategic marketing foundation to help you grow smart.


Get a Free Marketing Audit Toolkit to walk you through grading your marketing efforts.


This marketing audit toolkit will provide you with a comprehensive look at your marketing strategy. The metrics you get from the audit will allow you to create a consistent marketing strategy that maximizes your investment. When you remove the things that aren’t working and focus on consistent efforts, you build a strong foundation and proactive investment in your future marketing efforts.
Download the free marketing audit toolkit today. You will be surprised by how your answers inspire you with new ideas to improve your marketing efforts, spend your precious marketing budget more wisely, and generate better results to help your business grow smart.


Here from clients about working with Jenny Poff on growing their business.

"Jenny Poff has been tremendous to work with. She has become an extension of our marketing department that allows our team to react to the changing environment - that’s really important to us! Working with her has relieved a lot of frustration and stress from my marketing efforts."

Melisa Zimmerman

Operations & Marketing Director, Swift Audiology

“Jenny is brilliant at creating comprehensive marketing strategies. She knows how to help you discover for yourself what unique needs your organization has and what gaps in communication you need to close. She is amazing!”

Andrea Beirer

Programming Director, Unified Erie

“If you own a business and need help focusing on a marketing plan, Jenny is the best resource for ideas and implementation. She has been an integral part of building our brand at Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services, working with her will have an immediate ROI.”

Laban Marsh

Broker, Owner, Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services

“With Jenny Poff's marketing plan & calendar, I am pro-actively investing in marketing based on MY patients needs, and showcasing that I’m the specialist they can trust.”

Dr. Elyssa Wright

Chiropractor, Body & Balance Chiropractic

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