Holistic Marketing

Holistic Marketing

I’ve used the phrase ‘holistic marketing’ a lot this week. People could interrupt this in many different ways, but it’s mostly about using your existing tools to do more, rather than investing in more tools or programs that will not align with your internal systems. Why add more when you’re not using what you have? 

For example, my friends at Verify Services revolve around holistic optimization. They audit your phone services (tell comm and cell phones). It’s the bill that often gets no attention, especially if the amount due is the same each month. Verify will go in and evaluate what services you’re paying for, what services you’re actually using, and what services you actually need so that you can maximize or even decrease your expense. When was the last time you checked your cell phone bill?  

The same goes for tools that have been invested in to support sales and marketing. Are you using them to their fullest potential or even using them at all? Do you even know what all they are and how they work together?

Think of the human body that can only function when all parts are working together. In the same way, holistic marketing understands all the different parts of a business need to work together to operate at its optimum.

Consequently, this approach drives towards the alignment of your business’s processes, services, systems and customer touch points. This creates a consistent and seamless customer experience on multiple channels.

This article goes even deeper and aligns marketing initiatives with your other business departments. https://smallbiztrends.com/2019/08/what-is-holistic-marketing.html

Here is a list of marketing tools, services, and programs you probably already have in place but are not maximizing to their fullest potential, or may not have them completely in line with your other operations, departments, or services to help improve and ensure a memorable and stellar customer service experience.

Email Marketing and Automation
Brand awareness, education, newsletters, flash sales, reengagements.

Point of Sale (POS)
Connected to your email marketing and CRM so that predefined triggers can automatically communicate to individual consumers based on their purchase patterns.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Connected to your email marketing to navigate through leads, prospects, and inactive clients through your sales journey. It also can keep track of sales outreach program’s buying stages.

Content Management System (CMS)
This is your website. Utilize your website as a central location for your valuable and irresistible content. Use it to showcase milestones, services, testimonials, so to give visitors a taste of what it’s like to work with you. Give them enough information to create mystery and urgency to make them excited to work with you.

Utilizing and Tracking Promo Codes
When delivering your irresistible offer (promotions) to re-engage old contacts or to attract new contacts, be sure you’re able to track how specific ones work better as well as track where you placed them.

This is a great organic way to get your website more action. Placing content frequently on your website keeps the google-robots happy and helps you get placed in better search result ranks. It also showcases to prospects that you are an expert in your field, building trust so that they feel confident in investing with you.

Website SEO
Take your blogging efforts a step further by following some basic SEO tips so that the google-bots get even more excited about. These bots will increase your business to the first page of search results when done correctly and frequently.

Social Media
Just because you have a website packed with great information doesn’t mean consumers are thinking to type in your website address to get it. Use social media to attract and direct your audiences to your website.

Partners & Vendors
Cut your consumers buying cycle in half by engaging and partnering with your vendors and ancillary services. Building these relationships where you work with the same types of audiences can increase your reach while showcasing you have a trusted network to deliver your best services.

Affiliations and Memberships
Generating referrals is another great way to cut the buying cycle in half. Maximize your membership fees by engaging with the organizations and inquiring about opportunities to help reach members to share what it’s like to work with your business.

Remember the home decluttering shows on TV? The one that comes to my mind is where they empty the house entirely and guide and coach the homeowner organize their belongings into three different groups: Keep, Toss, Sell/Donate. This is exactly the method you should use when going through your tools, subscriptions, and programs. Take inventory of what programs you have, which are you using, which aren’t you using, which you need to be using. You will likely find opportunities that will help you optimize your customer’s experience by marketing holistically.

Until next week!

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