Marketing Glacier

Marketing Glacier

What you see above, is the depth of conversions below.

The past few weeks I’ve been working with a variety of complex sales and operations teams. With the goal of curating strategic marketing plans that will help them reach their business goals. The problem though is when sales are unclear of a sales funnel, buyer challenges, and even who the ideal buyer is, marketing doesn’t have much ammunition to go on to invest wisely, monitor performance, and be knowledgeable enough to make appropriate changes to get results. It’s all guesswork. These teams have to be in sync with clear roadmaps so that all departments can take the business on the same journey.

Let’s use a glacier as a way to better understand outputs for the prospects and buyers. 

Above the surface: 
Social media, websites, phone calls, sales pitches, presentations, webinars, trade shows, consultations, digital ads, print ads, keywords, 

Below the surface:
Sales departments, operation teams, call centers, business strategists, accountants, directors, executives, managers, appointment schedulers, office assistants, laborers, service providers, software, analysts, 

Before you can put a flag on the top of your glacier to attract attention, you have to align what the top is saying about the experience they will have below the surface. Marketing’s role to set clear expectations of the services experiences a consumer will have when interacting and investing with your business. 

Some key alignments should be evaluated and aligned for the best team performance and business growth.

[Below the Glacier] Defining in-depth your ideal target audiences (ITAs) so that [Above the Glacier] content, headlines, calls to action speak directly to the buyers that sales have predicted to have the best sales opportunity.

[Below the Glacier] Defining in-depth your ideal target audiences so that [Above the Glacier] paid targeted advertising such as: streaming commercials, social ads, paid search, website display ads, and more are delivered to the exact buyer’s sales wants to captivate.

[Below the Glacier] Defining the services offered, how they work, the time it takes, and how they deliver outcomes/solutions. so that [Above the Glacier] explaining the experience matches the truth and sets up the sales team for transparent conversations about the objectives, goals, and results. 

[Below the Glacier] Collects the challenges and pain points from their best clients and documents how they solved them so that [Above the Glacier] marketing can create content that grabs the attention of the buyers that don’t know your solutions even exists. Buyers purchase more out of NEED than WANTS, we want to bring awareness to the CHALLENGES and connect to the SOLUTIONS the sales teams provide. 

[Below the Glacier] Defined buyer purchase pathways and sales funnel. From small/entry points (low investment) all the way to the premium services/investments so that [Above the Glacier] To think that an ad will immediately result in investing in your premium services is unrealistic. Especially if your price points are higher and premium levels. A marketing role is to segment the sales funnel so to capture buyers at different decision stages. Then it’s the sales team to navigate the buyer from one stage of the sales funnels to the other. I often have fun talking about this and comparing it to dating. Remember school banter about “first base, second base, etc.?” Selling is the same thing. Align prospects, take them for coffee, and then you qualify them as much as they qualify you. If a match, you start to build the relationship, it’s rare that you get married on the next encounter.

Consider this, how are your sales teams and operations aligned with marketing? Are you telling authentic, true, and clear deliverables? Are you clear on who your ideal buyers are? Why they need your services? How they get started? How their investment generates solutions and results? That clarity needs to be at the first touchpoint a customer has all the way to the marketing teams. When everyone is clear, you are proven to increase leads, conversions, and increased revenue, not to mention it creates an incredibly strong brand. 

Have the glacier be a complete unit, your prospects, clients, and teams will thank you for it. It will empower each member to do their best job possible, uncover relative opportunities, and curate a positive working environment.

Until next week!

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