Team Spirit & Brand Ambassadors

Team Spirit & Brand Ambassadors

Reflecting on this week’s conversations with clients, the commonality was how to build “Brand Ambassadors” to help carry out holistic marketing. Before I get technical, here’s a simplified way to define what “Brand Ambassadors” are. 

If we have met in person or had a virtual coffee date, chances are I’ve sprinkled in my love for sports, specifically college sports like Ohio State and Ohio University, and especially my kid’s schools and travel basketball teams. I love team swag and yes, I’m that parent on the sideline that is the biggest cheerleader with team colors! 

What is a Brand Ambassador? Let’s take Ohio University, my alma mater. I lived there for four years, engrossed in the culture, explored the entire campus, worked my ass off, and to this day showoff an OU sticker on my car, and my closet is full of green and white swag. I champion the school I attended, I tell everyone what an incredible experience it was, all that I learned, the awards that I won, the groups I was a part of in the community, and so much more (yes, probably some great Halloween parties too). I’m one of their greatest cheerleaders! AKA – Brand Ambassador. I get people excited to learn more about the school, especially if they are considering schools to attend. 

The experience of being a part of the brand is what made me a loyal brand steward today. So the question is, how is the internal culture of your business? How do you fuel your employees to stay motivated, loyal, and dedicated to your business? (beyond a paycheck) How are you creating your companies cheerleaders who can tell all their friends and family what an incredible company you are? My sales and networking coach strongly reminds us that, “you never know who they know. They could point you to your next greatest opportunity.” 

When you have strong, excited, and loyal Brand Ambassadors, this ensures that the marketing investments and efforts you make to connect to new audiences by sharing with them the type of experience they are sure to have when working with your business. If your team is burnt out, frustrated, unmotivated, churn and burn, just collecting the paycheck, you could be seriously setting yourself up for lost revenue, broken promises, and wasted marketing dollars. 

Here are some tips for building brand stewards. 

  • SWAG! Beyond the uniform, give them swag that they will proudly wear out in the community. Hoodies, sweaters, jackets, hats, etc. Wearing swag out in the community sparks casual conversations that could start long-term relationships of referrals, prospects, and leads. 
  • Continuing Education. Invest in your team. Hear their challenges, hear the opportunities they see will provide them the tools to do better work, and possibly in a faster time. When you invest in the quality of life they have inside your company, the better their quality of work will become. 
  • Team Building. Whether remote working or sharing a space, bring the silos of your business together with team-building activities. Don’t be cheesy or you’ll just waste their time. Listen to them about what activities they’d like to do. It could be as simple as a family dinner or routine happy hours. But make sure your teams are busting the silos to uniform the business and work collaboratively. You’re all one team providing great services and products – celebrate that hard work together!

Your marketing will be better and the experience you promise your clients, prospects, and referrals will sure to be seamless! 

Until next week!

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