Insights to Impact Marketing Workshop

January 25, 2024 | 9am - 12pm EST

JANUARY 25, 2024

9am - 12pm EST

In-Person at Radius CoWork or via Zoom

Simplified Marketing Tactics for Smart Growth

This seminar promises to provide an interactive and tailored approach to address your unique marketing needs. With a focus on crafting actionable marketing plans, Jenny's expertise combined with data-driven insights will pave the way for your organization's enhanced outreach and impact.

Whether you're a thriving small business or a nonprofit, this event is packed with actionable insights that will help you thrive in today's competitive market.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge from over two decades of marketing, advertising, and brand experiences from Jen.

What to Expect

Personalized Strategies

Prior to the event, Jenny will gather specific details about your organization. This allows for the session to be as fitting as possible, ensuring that the strategies presented resonate deeply with the challenges and goals of your nonprofit.

Actionable Steps

Move beyond theory. This session will be about creating tangible, actionable steps you can implement immediately.

Collaborative Atmosphere

Engage with peers facing similar challenges, foster discussions, and work collectively to ideate innovative solutions.

Expert Guidance

Jenny's renowned expertise in the realm of nonprofit marketing ensures that the guidance you receive is both relevant and effective.

Tired of wasting time and money on DIY marketing plans with little to no result?

Wondering which marketing channels to use and how to tell if they’re working?

Not sure how to set a marketing budget that aligns with your business goals? 

Jen Get's It

The truth is, marketing is NOT easy.
It takes time. It takes strategy. It takes money. It takes metrics …
It takes a lot more, but you get the point.

Good news! Jen is an expert in this area and is here to help. Even if you’re not ready to hire a full-time marketing team, you don’t have to tackle your marketing plan alone!

Insights to Impact Marketing Workshop is designed for time-strapped business owners and marketing coordinators who need direction when it comes to planning, executing, and measuring their marketing efforts. In this interactive workshop, Jen will guide you through healthy, revitalizing, and strategic steps to build custom marketing action plans that will generate results for your optimum business growth.

Walk away from the chaos and register now to be on your way to taming the chaos with a new, more strategic, and more effective marketing action plan to kick off 2024 with hope, clarity and confidence!


“I appreciated the realistic approach to marketing and that Jenny did not try to cram highly expensive solutions to everyone. One of the things that really irked me was when other marketing experts try and claim that the only avenue for marketing was to spend lots of money on advertising, so I greatly appreciated Jenny's focus on targeting and her explanation that if you don't have a lot of money, then you're going to need to spend more time on marketing, and if you have a lot of money, you can spend less time on marketing.”

“Jen is fantastic and had lots of great information that really broke marketing concepts into small, bite-sized pieces that made marketing seem much more manageable and a lot less intimidating.”

“Jen is very personable and obviously has a wealth of knowledge in marketing. It was great to spend time learning from her.”

“I'm leaving this workshop with a clear, BIG picture view of how to improve my marketing strategies. It took a wildly overwhelming topic and organized it in a way that felt do-able one step at a time. Thank you for putting this together and for sharing your expertise!”

In the workshop, we’ll cover strategies for independent business owners and nonprofit marketing coordinators with:

Little to no in-house marketing team (No worries, we got you!)

Minimal tech and data experience (Not a numbers person? That’s ok!)

Limited time to manage marketing efforts (We know you’re busy!)


What’s included in your registration: 

  • 3-hour interactive workshop ($750 value)
  • Marketing workbook for customized roadmaps ($125 value)
  • Q&A time a real marketing expert ($150 value)
  • In-Person - Continental breakfast, beverages, and light lunch
  • BONUS TOOL: Jenerate Marketing Calendar™ ($75 value)

Valued at: $1,100

In-Person: $99
Virtual: $79

What you will learn in the workshop:

How to select the right marketing channels for your organization or business.

How to determine a budget that fits your current capacity and future goals.

How to allocate a budget with tangible measuring points so you’ll know what’s working and what isn’t.

How to track and measure your campaign success using KPIs (key performance indicators) for each channel.

How to integrate with accounting/bookkeeping to keep a better pulse on expenses and ROI.

How to assess and adjust to increase campaign performance.



Jenny Poff
As a fractional chief marketing officer (CMO), Agency Jen’s top priority is to help business owners and nonprofits tell their story in a consistent and powerful way that aligns with their specific growth goals. With a uniquely creative approach that includes data-driven growth strategies, we help businesses grow smart.

Our priority is to navigate you to achieve your business goals through marketing and advertising that not only maximizes your budget, but reaches the right people, with the right message, at the right time, so your team is positioned to convert new leads into opportunities for growth.
We work best with business owners and/or marketing coordinators who are:
Struggling to connect the dots between marketing efforts, spends, and results.
Tired of initiating sporadic marketing attempts that generate no results.
Short on time or patience for DIY efforts.
Operating without an in-house marketing department.
Seeking tangible proof that marketing investments are generating actual results.
In need of strategic marketing roadmaps for specific growth goals.
Stressed, frustrated, or confused in a sea of vendors, marketing channels, and data.
Unsure where to start but are ready to invest in growing their business.

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