It’s not wrong, it’s just different.

It’s not wrong, it’s just different.

Whether you live life one way or another, we have to remember – it’s not wrong, it’s just different.

It’s easy to let differences make us judge others, or make us question our own choices. It’s even easier to let judgments and doubts intimidate feelings of self-doubt. But it can’t matter what others think, have, or not have – comparing one life to another is just a disaster waiting to happen.

I often feel pressured about my life, especially comparing my business to other creatives. It’s so hard as an independent to keep encouraging and motivating myself.

  • am worthy of success
  • am a good mom
  • am educated
  • can have a professional business AND be an involved mom

This sabbatical trip to Iowa revealed that being a mother is the most important thing to me. My life may be unexciting to some – but my work the past couple years has really shadowed my motherhood spark. Shadowed due to increased business development, growth, opportunities, and great clients and projects. So much has been going on that trying to maintain a home environment that is welcoming, safe, and comforting for my family has been very challenging.

If I choose to dedicate my life to finding the best basketball opportunities, planning sleepovers at an aquarium, or helping a business make more money – it’s not wrong, it’s just different. It’s not lesser or better – just different. So why is it so easy to let others make us feel that our work is unimportant? Insignificant? Uncolorful?

If we didn’t have differences, we wouldn’t live in such a colorful world. A world that makes life full of endless opportunities. I like to think that even though I grew up in one color, I was able to take a little taste of a lot of colors. I like to think that I respect each different color and the habits, choices, cultures, behaviors that each unique color has.

So what did I learn from the Creative Sabbatical in 2017?

  • That a break from “normal” made me appreciate MY normal.
  • That it’s crucial to make time to slow down and disconnect.
  • That no expectations are the best expectations.
  • That growth doesn’t have to be scary, and that clarity is crucial to move forward.
  • That “different” isn’t wrong, and that “curiosity and respect” should be mutual.
  • That the past, present, and future are the threads that make each of us unique.
  • That the past influences and motivates the present, but it can also inspire the future.
  • That being a mother is what started my business, and it’s what should inspire the business path of tomorrow.

If you are someone, who struggles with the constant juggle of personal and business so much that you lose sight of your goals, and are craving for clarity and focus. I suggest that you take a little break. Breakaway from your normal so that you can appreciate its complexity and intricacy that threads your unique fabric. Reconnect with your past to appreciate what has brought you to today. Then take a moment to connect all the pieces – wrong and different – abundance will build the clarity you need, and drive and momentum will lead you to your goals.

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