Making Marketing Symphonies

Making Marketing Symphonies

Making Marketing Symphonies

The foot bone’s connected to the knee bone, the knee bones connected to the hip bone. Do you remember that song? I thought of this song a lot this week as I was digging through a client’s marketing audit.

Advertising should be all interconnected just like your body. Your message and social media should be a similar message to your website, should be a similar message to your email marketing, should be a similar message to your TV commercial, and everything should be in unison with each other. That’s what makes a strong brand cohesive, consistent, powerful, and recognizable.

It takes a lot of coordination, but I like to compare it to conducting and orchestra. Marketing campaigns have many different instruments (marketing channels and pieces) but only one conductor (marketing director) to make sure everyone is following the same sheet music (brand standards & messaging) to have a complete and enjoyable symphony.

Here’s my tip for the week.
Take some time to think about your major marketing instruments. Let’s just start with your website, social media, and email marketing. Are they working together? Are they in sync with each other? Do they have a consistent look? Do they have a consistent tone of voice? What is the call to action in each? Are you able to monitor each ‘instruments’ performance?

Instead of just throwing something out there and seeing what works or just to check it off your to do list, try taking a couple marketing focuses at a time and make sure they’re in unison with each other. Empower your company to create a beautiful symphony!

Until next week!

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