Marketing Adjustments to Stay Fluid During Difficult Times

Marketing Adjustments to Stay Fluid During Difficult Times

Over the past year, we have seen a lot of changes. We were all asked to adjust quickly and transform our lives overnight. It is crucial for us, now more than ever, to be flexible and take it one day at a time. We must work and live in the moment and let go of the things we cannot control. School is remote one day, in-person the next, and then back to remote learning again. Businesses and jobs have had to pivot, moving operations online and communicating virtually. (See my post on the best tools for remote work here.) We have had to adjust to new health and safety measures, changes in stores and restaurants, and the way we market to our customers. 

You’re tired, I know, so am I; pandemic fatigue is a thing. With so many changes in our lives – plus the daily challenges of business operations that have changed due to the pandemic – the struggle is real. We all want it to be over and for things to normalize. As business owners, we must continue to operate to sustain a living for ourselves, our employees, and for the sake of the economic reconstruction and long-term stability of our businesses. We must be flexible and adapt to changes quickly. 

Keeping Your Strategy Fluid

I know you probably have a few questions on how to keep your business expenses effective during these hard times.

  • How do we stay flexible with our marketing while controlling our budget?
  • How do we remain consistent with obtaining new sales?
  • What do you mean by making adjustments quickly? 

Here is my advice: You must execute marketing tactics that can be easily controlled, such as digital ads, paid social media ads, small patch sale blitz, and personalized emails. To know which to turn on, turn off, or amp up, I recommend watching the data. Data-based marketing metrics will give you the best insight into what to do next. 

My Top 3 Pieces of Marketing Data Metrics to Watch

These three marketing data pieces are what I recommend to pay close attention to during tough times to shift with your customers and maximize your marketing initiatives. 

google analytics sample report
Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used to track and report website traffic and customer behavior on your site. These reports will tell you how many people are looking at your site and what they are looking at. I recommend that my clients look at what pages people are visiting the most and how much time they spend on them. This data tells you what information your audience is most interested in. Looking at how people view those pages can help you make decisions about your website’s structure to improve how it is working to increase online conversions. Using this information will help you see where you need to make marketing adjustments. At a minimum, check Google Analytics every month, but ideally, you should be checking it weekly if not daily. If you are unsure of how to access Google Analytics, contact your website developer or master NOW.

email campaign performance sample
Email Open Rate

Email open rate is the percentage of recipients that opened the email. Emails can be delivered right to their inbox, giving the user a choice to open, open later, reopen, and forward – all at their fingertips. Social media is becoming increasingly crowded meaning more to compete with and easier for people to tune out. The usage of social media and digital ads has skyrocketed since March of 2020. Emails allow you to put a message directly in the hands of your audience.  Compare this information to previous email campaigns, can you see any trends shifting? Using data about the effectiveness of your emails can help you determine what content to include, what subject lines perform the best and more.

Google reviews sample
Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is essential. Listen to what they are saying – when they call or email, what are they saying on social or in reviews. How are they interacting with your employees? The information you gather about customer interactions (or touchpoints and customer experiences) can help you uncover common questions, trends, requests, challenges, and opportunities. Repeatedly hearing the same thing indicates that this is an excellent topic to incorporate on your website, social media accounts, future email campaigns. Using feedback to create new content will enhance the customer experience so they keep coming back! I recommend ensuring that your teams communicate about what customers are saying and how you can better serve them. Keep listening!

Remember: Use Data to Make Changes Quickly

Marketing efforts do not have to be aggressive, expensive, or reach a large audience. Start with smaller tactics that precisely target valuable prospects and clients. These tactics should be able to be tracked for efficacy and easily adjusted to maximize results and budget. Test different ideas, see how they perform, and make changes where needed. Listen to your customers and team members’ response to new marketing efforts; this feedback can give you insights into what to change going forward or what to keep doing. 


As always, if you need help digging in, just snag an Engage60 consultation with me. 

Engage60Engage60 is a heavily packed 60-minute working engagement where we can dig right into a project you’re working on. My consulting time is a rapid-fire eruption of ideas that are inspired by what you think you need against what is actually needed to deliver you results. We dig into what your business is, who you are serving, and how you want to grow. My brain is on fire at this point, adding up a variety of marketing ideas that could help you reach your goals.

I promise that you will leave this session with a list of ideas, resources, action steps, and more! It’s a great way to experience how I work and to see if I’m a good fit for your business. 


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