Marketing Practitioner

Marketing Practitioner

Marketing Practitioner

The past few weeks my house has been dealing with doctors, therapists, insurance changes, dentists, oh my… During my Friday Reflection journaling morning, I was thinking about our potential orthopedic surgery and how the medical industry refers to their careers as “practicing medicine”, “my practice”, “the practice of medicine”, and “family practice” and it occurred to me, are they practicing on my child? I don’t want to be practiced on! Where’s my guarantee or return policy, the result of treatment, return on investment? But then I realized the reality — every patient is unique. They all have similar biomedical makeups from blood types to bone densities to muscle movements, etc..

Yet even though our blood may flow the same way we have different blood types. Everyone is different enough that the phrase “practicing medicine” means identifying symptoms (data patterns), treating the symptoms (selecting advertising programs), and then monitoring results (measuring marketing) to help you feel better (to help you generate revenue).

So maybe I should start calling myself a “marketing practitioner” or use the phrase “the practice of advertising”? After all, each of my clients, each business, each team, each goal is unique in so many ways. From their services, teams, operations, goals, etc. but they all have commonalities: website, email, social, and lead generation.

I’ve been ‘practicing marketing’ since 2002 and have seen and worked with a variety of “patients” (clients) that I’ve diagnosed chronic patterns for successful treatments. It always starts with treating the website first – the central nervous system that makes everything fire. Next, we treat email marketing systems, sequences, and automations. Followed by pumping nutrients into social media to fuel brand awareness all so the lead generation and customer relationship management systems function at their fullest potential. But getting these systems to function properly is only one treatment path, it also requires therapy and establishing healthy habits to ensure long-term successful outcomes. Therapy includes streamlining operations, sales collaborations, and consistent investments.

When you’re not feeling well or get injured, you visit the doctor. They go through a series of tests to identify what’s causing the symptoms and issues. In my practice, this means onboarding a client by outlining their tech map and connecting how their marketing tools are working or not working together. Then we align Ideal Target Audiences (ITAs) plus Business goals to maximize what they already have and or need in their tech map and this is what I call, Holistic marketing. Maximizing the tools you already have before adding any new marketing investments. We need to ensure that the main systems are all working properly before engaging in new activities.

My methods of treating marketing and advertising have come with years of practice, added with a layer of psychology in observing consumer purchase behaviors (what makes people buy). I align what your business is today and connect where you want it to be. Starting with your team and holistic marketing approach first, with ownership support to evolve change.

Evolve is Change

Change is hard, but that’s why I love this quote, “change nothing, and nothing will change”. How do you expect business to grow if you keep doing the same thing? To grow means change. Embrace it and get your team to own it and execute. It’s not that they aren’t doing good – it’s taking good to great by updating current methods, defining easy marketing goals, and installing programs to get the marketing machine running smoothly.

Until next week!

As always, if you need help digging in, just snag an Engage60 consultation with me. 

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