Maximizing Your Brand for Business Growth

Maximizing Your Brand for Business Growth

You hear the word “brand” and “branding” all the time when talking about marketing and advertising your business to generate growth. Sadly, this term has such a variety of interpretations that it’s often misused and misunderstood. So what’s branding really all about?

Branding is so much more than a logo or ad – it’s the whole experience that a consumer has when they interact with your company. But business owners get stuck on where, how, and who interacts with their business. Plus the overwhelming tasks on how to encourage prospects to interact with your brand. The depth of interaction, and all the instances that touch your consumers, are what Jenny Poff calls a “Brand Umbrella”. Brand Umbrella, Branding, Jenny Poff, Presque Isle Designs, Erie, Pa

Consistency is Key

It is overwhelming to manage all the different touchpoints that create the entire customer experience, especially when you’re a small business with a limited budget and limited time to market your business yourself. Businesses launching for the first time can easily get consumed with the legal, accounting, products, brick & mortar, employees, and supplies that all help create income, funding your business.

But starting a business or launching something new for of your company, should be done with precision. One way Jenny keeps all the aspects of marketing together is by defining your own authentic, ‘Brand Umbrella’ with your Core Values.

In the example above, the Core Values are Innovative, Loyalty, Creative, Brand, Compassionate, Experience. These core values help in creating the visual representations that tell your authentic story as well as set clear promise of what your consumer will experience when they work with you. These expectations have to be defined so that each touchpoint is consistent and powerful, to drive results. The items resting under your brand umbrella, called “touchpoints” are the elements that touch your consumer(s) and prospective customers daily.

When your Brand Umbrella is strong, focused, and aligned – your business will stand out from the competition and get people ready and excited to work with you. Corralling all these touchpoints can be time-consuming, so it might be useful to hire a professional to help navigate your marketing and branding. Whether it is a long term commitment or by project/special ad campaigns, executing it with intention and consistency is the perfect equation for smart business growth.

You can also give your business a marketing health check by doing our FREE Marketing & Brand Audit.

What does your Brand Umbrella look like?

Do you need a brand and marketing audit to evaluate your current marketing and advertising investments? We would be happy to conduct an audit and offer ways to increase your brand experience to engage your ideal consumers – this is your time to shine and share your authentic services that your consumers are anxious to have.

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