Out-of-House Marketing


We serve as your out-of-house Chief Marketing Officer and marketing department that maximizes your strategy plan by overseeing it from start to finish. We execute your strategic marketing plans, manage marketing budgets, serve as the liaison to vendors, provide art direction for ad effectiveness and brand consistency, oversee production, and oversee project management to help your business grow smart.

Why you need an Outsourced CMO

  • Executive-level marketing experience 
  • Access to vetted specialized vendors 
  • Consistent marketing and brand messaging based on research
  • Marketing execution and production 
  • Complete management of vendors, projects, plans and budgets
  • Goal oriented and focused on quality level work that meets goals and yields results.
  • Parallel marketing efforts with your strategic business and revenue goals
  • Saves you time and energy to onboard a full time in-house marketing person, and instead maximize time and money by hiring an outside expert


At Agency Jen, we are your marketing partner.  Our main goal is to help your business grow and meet YOUR goals. You will have direct access to a team that specializes in marketing and has expertise in aiding businesses in growing smart! We focus on using data, research and information about your business to create a strategy that will work best for you. 


As your outsourced CMO, we will take the guesswork out of your marketing, save you time by managing project execution, vendors and budgets, and use our marketing expertise to make marketing decisions that produce results. We will pay attention to the small details, so that you don’t have to, and report back every step of the way, providing you peace of mind that your marketing is working for you. 


We are more than just your outsourced CMO, we are your marketing partner. We create a partnership as a trusted member of your team so we can work together to reach the common goal – your business success.

Agency Jen’s Marketing Navigator Process™

Our process is based on six pillars of our strategic marketing: idea generation, planning, creating, implementing, measuring, adjusting — repeat.


Using this proven system helps business owners reach their goals faster and grow smarter.


What do you do when nothing is working?
You want your business to be a success. You’ve poured your heart and soul, not to mention, blood sweat and tears into it (and a whole lot of time and money), but despite all your heroics and best efforts, you’re stressed out and frustrated with your advertising efforts and lack of marketing results.


Business in the front, creativity in the back
Agency Jen has one purpose: to help maximize your marketing efforts (and budgets) to grow your business in a strategic way. Part business ninjas, part creative marketing mavens, and part art directors, we look at your entire organization to ensure you have the processes and strategy in place to jenerate success (see what we did there?).


“Jenny has the rare and exceptional ability to identify and apply data to decision-making processes. She not only knows how to help businesses clarify goals for their future, but she also knows what data is needed, how to get it, and how to interpret it so the right strategies can be put into place.”
– Mary Bula, Director, Erie Together, Erie’s Countywide Collective Impact Movement


Let’s get your systems together
Using data, analytics and design sensibilities, we dig into your current marketing and advertising strategies (and if you lack one, we’ll help you build one) and uncover what’s working and what’s not. Then we align our innovative marketing roadmap & toolkit with your internal capacities and operations to help your business grow smart.