Outsourced CMO

Amplify Business Growth with an Out-of-House Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

We serve as your out-of-house Chief Marketing Officer and marketing department that maximizes your strategy plan by overseeing it from start to finish. We execute your strategic marketing plans, manage marketing budgets, serve as the liaison to vendors, provide art direction for ad effectiveness and brand consistency, oversee production, and oversee project management to help your business grow smart.

Why you need an Outsourced CMO

  • Executive-level marketing experience 
  • Access to vetted specialized vendors 
  • Consistent marketing and brand messaging based on research
  • Marketing execution and production 
  • Complete management of vendors, projects, plans, and budgets
  • Goal-oriented and focused on quality-level work that meets goals and yields results.
  • Parallel marketing efforts with your strategic business and revenue goals
  • Saves you time and energy to onboard a full-time in-house marketing person, and instead maximize time and money by hiring an outside expert

How are we different?
At Agency Jen, we are your marketing partner.  Our main goal is to help your business grow and meet YOUR goals. You will have direct access to a team that specializes in marketing and has expertise in aiding businesses in growing smart! We focus on using data, research, and information about your business to create a strategy that will work best for you. 

As your outsourced CMO, we will take the guesswork out of your marketing, save you time by managing project execution, vendors and budgets, and use our marketing expertise to make marketing decisions that produce results. We will pay attention to the small details, so that you don’t have to, and report back every step of the way, providing you peace of mind that your marketing is working for you. 

We are more than just your outsourced CMO, we are your marketing partner. We create a partnership as a trusted member of your team so we can work together to reach the common goal – your business success.

Digital Marketing Agency, Jenny Poff

Work with Us!

Hiring Agency Jen to help your short-term to long-term needs as your out-of-house marketing department ensures that your business has experts that have your best interest as our number one priority. You’ll have one-to-one communication with a marketing concierge to keep your strategic marketing plan focused, aligned, and maximized. Work with us today!

Sick of your marketing not working? We can help! We focus on jenerating ideas that produce results by diving deep into your business and using data to make strategic decisions. Our passion is helping your business grow – smart!


2-3 months working on cleaning out your marketing hoarding closet. Ideal for getting started for those who have not invested in expert marketing help before. Chances are you just need a little tweaking to make big needle movements. 


Min. 6-12 month contracts, weekly work to maximize your marketing efforts, monthly client check-ins with reports. Whether you have the space in your office or not, save time and money by outsourcing your marketing department to professionals. We’ll provide to you full-service advertising agency support to create, build, launch, and manage your ad campaigns to help you reach your business goals. 


Specific project, specific goals, specific timeframe. Have an idea to boost traffic but need professionally trained creatives to bring your idea to life? Need a new logo and brand identity kit? We have a full spectrum of creative experience to deliver you high-quality creative production. 

Other pieces that fit into a CMO role:

  • Audit your systems such as:
    • Email marketing so that we can engage your most valued commodity – your database
    • Website performance – lead generation, bounce rates, content flow/user experience — it’s the hub of your marketing efforts, the best way to measure ROI on marketing efforts/tactics. 
    • Define your sales funnel so that we can optimize conversions 
  • Client onboarding
    • Grants us access to your systems such as: website, email, google analytics, so that we can review data, performance, and find patterns to uncover ways to make them work better. 
    • KPIs are our jam – if you don’t know your own data, we will need access to your goods so that we can set our own KPIs and show you how we’re moving the needle to help you reach your goals. 

Are you ready to get started but not sure where to start?

Top 10 Remote Work Tools

Let's schedule a chat to see where you need the best marketing support, and together we'll jenerate (see what we did there?) incredible ideas to help you grow smart!

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