Right People, Right Message = Results

Right People, Right Message = Results

Making connections with minimal human labor.

I love email marketing! It’s one-on-one communication that can deliver personalized messages with minimal human labor expenses. Have you noticed more chat options on websites? How about video introductions in place of chat options?  All efforts to help personalize the digital experience.

Making connections with minimal human labor.

Let’s face it, audiences today need a stellar online experience. Check out this service one of my clients is using on their website, http://videoask.com/ You can easily install a quick video popup message on your site that not only delivers an experience that showcases your business personality, but it also filters prospects and can navigate them quickly to the best information they’re looking for. (PS – you can get started for FREE) Think of it as a personal website tour guide, mixed with a touch of sales that can help you qualify or disqualify leads coming into your site.

Segway to email marketing… I love Mailchimp. It’s easy to use yet robust enough to do some pretty incredible email marketing tactics. I’m talking beyond the newsletter or flash sale message. Some call them “Customer Journeys”, others call them “automations”, I call it “increase engagement, filter your list, and generate opportunities”. Lame name, I know – but my marketing concierges are working on some fun topics, titles, and descriptions for our authentic services.

The must-have automations your email tool should have:

Welcome Messages: What do you say when a new guest/client/prospect walks through your door for the first time? Hi!! Welcome to my business! I’m so grateful you took the time and energy to drive over and visit me!

Your email is a personal way of thanking them for handing over their precious email address. Use this time to set clear expectations of what you will be sending them: weekly tips, monthly newsletter, special offers, etc. You then can send 1-2 more emails (automatically because technology is awesome that way) that shares more about who your company iswhat you offer, and how you can help them. The final email could be a survey that helps you get more information about who they are and what they are interested in (another awesome easy tech feature). When you get more data about who they are, then you are empowered to send them content that they are truly interested in.

90-Day Cleanse: No, it’s not a diet cleanse, but it does clean out your database for contacts no longer interested. On the tech side, it helps flush out the contacts whose email addresses are not actively responding to your emails. When contacts are not opening your emails there’s a good chance that crazy tech systems in cyberspace marked you as the bad guy. Then what happens is more emails don’t get opened and then you have bigger problems.

The cleanse email automation gets triggered when a contact is not active after 90-days. It then delivers a set of emails giving the contact a chance to update their email preferences and if still nothing, then the sequence automatically moves that contact to an “unsubscribed” status.


I’m sure you’re watching pennies, especially when you’re paying an email marketing tool based on how many are in your database. But when you delete people, it makes it very hard to keep your email database healthy with so many deletions and unsubscribes.

So to recap – make sure you have:

  • Welcome Email Sequence to any new subscribers (this is also good if you haven’t touched your emails in a long while.)
  • Cleanse Email Sequence to keep your list healthy while you keep working your business!

PS – My team can help you get a Mailchimp account started and get these in place so that you can start building a healthy database to nurture. Just schedule a chat with us and we’ll get you started ASAP! 

Until next week!

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