Trifecta Marketing Pillars

Trifecta Marketing Pillars

Trifecta Marketing Pillars

I’ve been working closely with in-house sales teams for national businesses to amplify their marketing materials so that they can present professionally but more importantly so that their information is communicated clearly and effectively.

But ok, so they get really great-looking materials that give them the confidence to go in for the big proposal win. I’m happy to do that — but there’s so much more that goes into it that I want to share with you. From my experience, when these three pillars are optimized and in sync with each other – everything else you do to market your business will be icing on the cake.


Even before Covid, consumers have been obsessed with Googling their questions. Add in Google Home, Alexa, and Siri and you have personal assistants at the ready to help you find anything you are looking for. Not only does this make your life easier to find answers to your questions and solutions to your problems, but it’s the masterpiece of the sales funnel.

What does this mean for businesses?
Get your website updated! Statistics are showing that not only millennials want to visit a great-looking website, but all consumers want to find the answers quickly when they land on any page of your website. This is called UX (user experience), and there are some serious scientists out there that are masters in this realm to help web designers and web developers build the best site based on the psychology of how a website user navigates in and around your website.

Add in your sales team experts and they are going to sprinkle in call to actions and lead magnets to grab prospects emails to help fuel their sales prospecting.

Here are a few quick and simple tips for your website:

  • Does the navigation (menu bar) make sense? Don’t be so cutesy and creative that only you know what the buttons mean. This is the Google Maps of your website, the exits and routes you want your website visitors to checkout so keep them clear, concise and simple.
  • Avoid the endless scroll. Valuable real estate is above the fold on any page. Yes I know a monitor doesn’t fold, but think of the fold as the point on the page before you scroll. Do you have the key elements of content before the scroll that will captivate and engage the website viewer? If they have to do endless scrolling and pick through cluttered content and images, you better grab the website dumpster and start purging now.
  • Duh, calls to action! Do you have clear directional signs around your website of the action you want them to take? Such as signing up for your newsletter, downloading a free resource, chatting with an expert, booking an appointment, following you on social, etc.
    • Bonus Tip: whatever your calls to action are, make sure you know what happens to those submissions. Where do they go? What happens after they give you their precious email address? So make sure those forms are connected to your email marketing tools and sales team so they can follow up with those prospects.
  • Content is Queen. I’m sure you’ve heard that before, well maybe with the King instead of queen, but it’s the truth. Content is the fuel to the engine that powers EVERYTHING! It’s also the most challenging part of having a website. Is your content up to date? Does it clearly say what the buyer/prospect wants to hear/read? Are you speaking industry language or are you speaking at the level of the buyer?
    • Bonus Tip: I’ve worked with a variety of industries, one of my favorite and longest running one is real estate. Real estate agents sell and buy houses every day and in their sleep, but homeowners are only buying/selling once every 7-10 years! I bought my house in 2010 and I don’t remember much about those conversations other than, “sign here”. What’s my point? Remember that even though you are an expert in your industry, your buyers aren’t. Make sure you speak to them with their own language so that they get your information quick and easily,
  • Authentic images make you believable. I get asked this one a lot too, “do I have to have a photoshoot? Why can’t I just use stock images? It’s easier and cheaper!” Seriously? You’re going to cheapen your service when you select from a catalog of images that the whole world can choose from. The businesses I work with have their own unique service, so why use a generic image? Images are more memorable over any headline, they stick in the brain and subconscious far longer than any sequence of letters. Plus you just spent countless hours and a lot of money making a killer website and writing awesome content, so please make sure you budget to have a photoshoot to capture your business and showcase with pride. These pictures will have endless usage too across your social, email marketing, print materials, and presentation tools. They will go a long way so make sure you keep them updated on an annual basis.


I can’t stress email marketing enough. Yes you will get the spammers, yes you will get the sloppy emails that just wanted the free download, but if you position your content and calls to action strategically, as well as integrate with your sales team database, you could generate revenue from this captivated audience.

Here one main tip for you:

  • Automations save time and can be very personal. The power of intelligence in email tools is mindblowing. Make sure your email tool is set up with a Welcome Email. A customized automatic email that gets sent to every new contact that enters your database. This keeps them alert and qualifies them for future email campaigns later.


Yes it’s fun and your social media experts are going to be more focused on keeping posts entertaining and engaging. That’s all great for sure. But still the power of social media are two main points, 1. Brand Awareness: keeps you in front of audiences for when they are ready to learn more and social media is the 2. Skipping Stone to drive users to your website. If your social is driving traffic to your website, then perhaps your posts are not engaging nor is your overall content aligned properly.

A few quick social media tips:

  • Don’t Post for Post Sake. If you are too busy and you’re just throwing out posts to “get it done” and didn’t put any thought into what you were doing, your audience will sniff that fakeness out right away and ignore you all together.
  • Avoid the Clipart. Barf. Please don’t. Just don’t. They not only remind me of my grandmother’s applique sweaters but it’s just not professional and I bet it doesn’t look anything like your website and other marketing materials. Be smart with your images. Use images and graphics that best represent you, your business, and your personality. (remember that photoshoot I mentioned earlier????)
  • When Falling Flat, Break Out the Wallet. If you are posting consistently quality content and your engagement scores are good, but it’s doing much else, then it’s time to get out the credit card and do some paid social ads. It means that you have exhausted your reach and it’s time to get in front of new people, and that takes money. Start small at just $50 for one ad for as little as two weeks. Follow the ad wizards and templates to align the ad to your marketing goal and then watch the numbers.

I’m here to help!

I can help you with email marketing, digital and social media ad campaigns, plus I have a strategic creative teams to help with website development, writing, and photography. Just book a chat with me and let’s see what you need to help your business market better for smart growth.

Until next week!

As always, if you need help digging in, just snag an Engage60 consultation with me. 

Engage60Engage60 is a heavily packed 60-minute working engagement where we can dig in! The consultation will be an engaging conversation about your business, target audience, growth goals, and how to get there. In the high-energy consultation, we will create a list of marketing ideas inspired by the goals that will deliver you results. Clients love these meetings because it is a one-on-one consultation solely based on creating ideas that will help you reach your business’ goals and providing you with the resources and action steps you need to get it done. Learn more.

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