Why Your Business Needs a Marketing Performance Review

Why Your Business Needs a Marketing Performance Review

With the New Year right around the corner, now is the perfect time to look at your business’ marketing strategy and plan for the coming year. This year has been a challenging one, however, this is the time to evaluate what marketing is working and not working for your business. Help grow your business today and build a solid marketing foundation for future success.

What is a Marketing Audit?

A marketing audit is a performance review of your marketing strategies! It is a dedicated time to evaluate your current marketing efforts and their efficacy. This in-depth look at your marketing strategy helps discover what tactics are working and which ones aren’t. It allows you to evaluate your goals and determine if your marketing efforts are meeting those goals. In addition, it takes a look at your marketing spends to determine if it was spent wisely.

Why is a Marketing Audit Important?

There are many benefits to completing a marketing audit, but the main goal is to evaluate your marketing, learn from it, and make adjustments for the future. By dedicating time to measure your advertising results, you will gather important information to form an educated, strategic, and effective plan for the future.

  • PERSPECTIVE. Completing a marketing audit allows you to look at your business and tactics from the consumers’ perspective. It shows what the public sees when they look at your business and what they perceive your brand to be. Is your marketing portraying what you want it to? Are they all consistent?
  • IMPROVEMENTS. Once you have gathered and reviewed the information you may find inconsistencies or see that a particular tactic wasn’t performing well and need immediate attention. As a result, you uncover what is working and what is not to form an educated plan for the future.
  • STRATEGIC. The audit will help you build an action plan that will allow you to be proactive and smart with your efforts. Having a consistent and strategic outline for timing and efforts will keep you in front of your customers regularly and empower your teams to maximize the most conversions.
  • INVESTMENT. Evaluating your past marketing spends can be challenging. Were you able to track the return on investment? How many leads did you get? Did web traffic increase? How many purchases made? What worked well and what didn’t? Answering these questions helps you align your next marketing campaign with tactics that worked well so that you can maximize your precious marketing dollars.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY. The audit will give a clear picture of your marketing strategies inconsistencies, areas of improvement, and the ROI of your spending. It holds you accountable for the consistency of your messaging, validate tactics you are investing in, and prove your marketing is aiding in business sales and growth goals.

Perform a FREE Marketing Audit

Download the Free Marketing Audit to guide you through reviewing your marketing efforts. This in-depth worksheet will help you evaluate your business’ current marketing and inspire new ideas. From the information you gather, you will learn how to spend your marketing budget more wisely and make calculated marketing decisions based on affectiveness and ROI. The audit can take 30-45 minutes of dedicated time to focus on improving your marketing efforts and build a strategic marketing foundation for the future.

5 Key Audit Areas of Focus

  1. Foundation. This section of the audit reviews your business vision, inventories services, identifies audiences, and more. The foundational information is what your marketing efforts are built from.
  2. Marketing & Sales. Take a look at your current sales strategies. What is working? What isn’t working? How are they aligned with marketing efforts? These two departments should be in sync with each other.
  3. Branding. Evaluate your current brand throughout your marketing materials and efforts. The tone of voice, visuals, logo placements, colors, image styles, and more.
  4. Website. Review your website with a fine-toothed comb. Are there areas that need to be improved? Page visits, bounce rates, calls to action, conversion goals, etc.
  5. Social Media. What were your social media goals in the past year? Were they effective? Did they generate results?

Conducting a free marketing audit will provide you with a comprehensive look at your marketing strategy, and it’s progress. The metrics you get from the audit will allow you to create a consistent and effective strategy that maximizes your investment and increases revenue. When you remove the things that aren’t working and focus on what is working, you build a strong foundation and proactive investment in your future marketing efforts to help your business grow smart.

Get Ready to Grow Smart

Complete the complimentary Marketing Audit
You will be surprised by how your answers inspire you with new ideas to improve your marketing efforts, spend your precious marketing budget more wisely, and generate better results to help your business grow smart.

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