This 90-day marketing sprint will restore hope, clarity, and confidence to overwhelmed mission-driven businesses who need better marketing and generate more profit to do more good.

Sound Familiar?

My organization lacks experienced marketing leadership.
My team is small and unsure of where to start.
Marketing is overwhelming and consumes too much time.
We’re spending money but not sure what the ROI is.
How do we maximize labor efforts with clear marketing efforts?
We’re not connecting with the right people.


What if there was a way to leverage your marketing efforts to generate tangible results? With our Marketing Roadmap Lite™ program here are just a few of the solutions you will experience.

Custom Marketing Plan

A marketing plan tailored to fit the unique abilities of your team, capacity, and financial limits. Everyone will be inspired and on the same page to take marketing to unprecedented heights!

Marketing ROI

Chart measurable marketing to help facilitate growth of your business is incredibly rewarding and satisfying. We'll help you easily identify connections in marketing to measure the ROI.

Expert Leadership

Work with an expert to help you hone in on successful advertising strategies. Generating evidence-based and experienced decisions tailored to boost growth and achieve your goals.


Let's Get Connected

When you work with Agency Jen, you get one-on-one private marketing consultations with marketing maven, Jenny Marofsky-Poff.

A Meet & Greet is a perfect way to introduce yourself and see if Agency Jen is a fit for your organization.
Agency Jen Marketing Roadmap Lite TM

Are you ready for a 90-day marketing sprint?

Agency Jen’s Marketing Roadmap Lite™ is a 90-day program packed with personalized strategic marketing consultations to provide you with opportunities to fully realize your marketing potential. Through careful review, we will help you optimize existing resources for maximum impact, save money by aligning marketing budget allocations, reduce time-spend, and link collective efforts to quantifiable results that showcase the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.

Marketing Roadmap Lite™ includes:

Strategic Marketing Planning

To get started, you will complete a business questionnaire to lay the foundation to create Marketing Roadmaps and establish meaningful goals. By bringing together members of your key marketing team, this kick off meeting presents an opportunity to align your business aspirations, craft tactics centered around internal resources, maximize current investments in marketing, and identify performance indicators that serve as marketing targets.

Personalized Strategic Consultations

You then receive two more sessions to celebrate your achievements! These personalized accountability consultations are great opportunities for us to answer any questions you may have and review your progress so far. This will help ensure that your custom Marketing Roadmap is moving in the right direction to meet your business goals.

Marketing Roadmap Lite™ Toolkit

We will provide you with a Client Portal with essential resources and tools to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. This includes the Marketing Roadmap Lite™ toolbox to document objectives, record your marketing plan, and track marketing metrics.

• Goal Tracker: What business and marketing benchmarks is your organization trying to meet? How will marketing measure against your growth goals? Let’s get clear about what success looks like so that we work towards the same goals.

• Marketing Calendar: When you set monthly themes it results in proactive content generation to ensure your brand presence is intentional and consistent. A solid calendar helps build the pathway for good social posts, blog content, monitor media buys, and builds a framework to rinse and repeat year to year.

•Marketing Data Tracker: Measuring efforts at a high-level on how your marketing is performing against your Business Performance ensures progress is being made and return on investments are captured. This is our secret weapon to showcase marketing ROI!

BONUS: On Demand CMO Access

On Demand CMO Access is a perfect way to take advantage of incredible ideas and opportunities that come your way! With this 90-day marketing sprint, you have up to 60 minutes of extra consulting time at your disposal. Maximize this valuable time to get extra help on expanding your business so that it achieves its utmost potential!
"My roadmap sessions were incredibly helpful, as a new business owner. The tools and strategies she shared helped me get focused and purposeful about where I was spending my time and money. I highly recommend this program to anyone needing direction with their marketing plan."
Casie Lucas-Szumigala
Click Pragmatics
Agency Jen Logo + Marketing Change Maker

Amplify your Impact with Hyper-Focused Marketing

At Agency Jen, we get to know your mission, purpose, and business inside and out to shape your brand, bring your mission to life, and help you achieve le-jen-dary results. See how you can benefit from working with us.

Why Work with Agency Jen?

Senior Level Expertise

Work with seasoned professionals who prioritize accountability, responsiveness, and quality. No entry-level handoffs or pushdowns; access the integrated team of creatives you deserve.

Direct Consultant Access

With direct access to Jenny, you won’t have to navigate office politics or a maze of people to get what you need. As a straight shooter, she aims to serve her clients with her best abilities every day.

Authentic Marketing Materials

We deliver 100% customized marketing collateral backed by marketing research and experience to ensure you stand out in all aspects imaginable. No cookie-cutter template designs allowed.

Peace of Mind Results

Leave the details to us and focus on your mission. We keep you informed throughout the process, ensuring your marketing project meets or exceeds your expectations, on time and on budget.
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Schedule a personal marketing chat today!

Schedule a chat to see if we can help prepare and ensure your marketing is on a healthy path to reach your business goals. Are you ready to grow smart?


What happens during the Meet & Greet?

During our meet and greet, we will ask you some questions to learn more about your business and diagnose your marketing needs. From there, we will be able to determine whether we are a good fit for your B Corp. If it’s a match, we will then schedule a discovery call to get a deeper understanding of your needs and create a proposal for you to approve before signing an agreement with us.

What does a marketing consultant do?

A marketing consultant typically conducts research, analyzes data, and provides recommendations to clients on various aspects of marketing, such as branding, advertising, and social media. As your marketing consultant, we follow the direction of the CEO and typically embed into the executive management team that is running your B Corp. We work very closely with stakeholders to lead the growth strategy and the development of your marketing plan.

What is a Chief Marketing Office (CMO) responsible for?

A Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is responsible for overseeing a company’s marketing initiatives and ensuring that they align with the overall business strategy. This includes managing marketing budgets, analyzing market trends, and developing marketing campaigns to meet your goals.

What is the difference between consulting and producing marketing materials?

Strategic marketing consulting defines the action plan for advertising campaigns and advises clients on their marketing strategy while the production team (writers, graphic designers, web developers, vendors) creates the materials and launches the campaigns to the public. These services are charged differently as consulting is a tax-free service while production time is purchased in banks of hours and used over the course of the marketing action plan and is taxable.

How do you vet your writers and designers and production team?

Our virtual network is deep and we love match-making creative’s style to the client’s personality and brand for a seamless creative execution. Additionally, with our 20+ years of experience, we manage our production team with strategic and creative art direction to ensure they stay on target with the scope of work, stay on budget, stay on brand, and stay on time.

I have a referral for you, what do I do?

The process is simple. Instruct your referral to schedule a complimentary meet and greet and make sure they include your name on the scheduling form. If we gain them as a client, we’ll send you a special gift!

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