"Jenny doesn't just say that a campaign is great, but also gives numbers to prove that it’s working … With the help of Agency Jen, the client’s sales percentage has increased, as has their ROI … Creative, analytical, and understanding, Agency Jen is an invaluable and cost-effective partner."
Missy Hitz
Owner, Monacella Massage & Kinesiology, LLC
"If you own a business and need help focusing on a marketing plan, Jenny is the best resource for ideas and implementation. She has been an integral part of building our brand at Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services, working with her will have an immediate ROI.”
Laban Marsh
Broker, Owner, Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services
"With Jenny Poff’s marketing plan & calendar, I am pro-actively investing in marketing based on MY patients needs, and showcasing that I’m the specialist they can trust."
Dr. Elyssa Wright
Owner, Chiropractor, Body & Balance Chiropractic
"Jenny has a really unique ability to translate left-brain concepts to right-brain ideas. As a director of marketing, I get a lot of requests from the corporate side about specific activities and results that we need to accomplish. I can always count on Jenny to come up with a strategic plan and a creative execution for those."
Elke Giba
Director of Marketing, Definiti

Agency Jen’s Marketing Navigator Process™

Our process is based on six pillars of our strategic marketing: idea generation, planning, creating, implementing, measuring, adjusting — repeat.


Using this proven system helps business owners reach their goals faster and grow smarter.