A marketing plan serves as a roadmap that guides your marketing efforts within a specific timeframe. It encompasses various components such as goals, budget, and target audience, enabling the creation of intelligent advertising campaigns to propel your business forward. The plan also includes measurable checkpoints to track progress along the way.

Given the complexity of navigating multiple checkpoints, routes, and potential deviations while staying aligned with your growth plans, we have developed the Jenerate Marketing Roadmap & Toolkit™. This comprehensive and structured framework connects your business goals with marketing targets, outlines campaigns and content calendars, captures marketing data in conjunction with business performance, determines budget allocations, and includes monitoring of competitive analysis. All these elements work together to develop effective marketing strategies that help achieve your business marketing goals.

The Jenerate Marketing Roadmap & Toolkit™ provides an organized and intelligent approach to ensure that your marketing efforts are aligned with your overarching business objectives. By utilizing this framework, you can streamline your marketing processes, make informed decisions, and optimize your strategies for success.

The Jenerate Marketing Compass™ serves the purpose of providing a clear marketing roadmap that aligns everyone towards the same goals for intelligent business growth.

The journey begins with a Business Marketing Assessment conducted through a collaborative workshop. This assessment helps identify the areas of the marketing compass that require the most attention, resulting in the generation of your Marketing Scorecard. Agency Jen will then review the scorecard with you, working collaboratively to determine the primary focus and create a Strategic Scope of Work tailored to your specific needs.

The Marketing Scorecard evaluates four significant quadrants of the Marketing Compass, which we refer to as Destinations. These destinations represent key areas that require attention and improvement to ensure effective marketing strategies and achieve your business goals. By focusing on these destinations, we can navigate your marketing efforts in a purposeful and targeted manner, maximizing your chances of success and growth.


BUSINESS Destination

The business destination involves integrating your Business Plan with the creation of tailored marketing strategies. It entails assessing your business's growth objectives for the next 1-5 years, understanding the functioning of your sales and operations, and their impact on the overall customer experience. Additionally, identifying relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) to track, maximizing the utilization of existing tools, and leveraging trusted personnel are crucial. Throughout this process, it's important to consider your strengths and weaknesses, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily business operations.

MONEY Destination

We will help you create a budget that matches your strategies and goals. This will help you understand how the money is being used and how it affects your business. To figure out how much to spend on marketing, we will assess your Marketing Aggressiveness based on your needs and goals. To make smart decisions about where to spend your marketing budget, we need to know who your ideal target audience is and what message you want to send. This will help us allocate your money effectively and reach the right people.

PEOPLE Destination

It's important to understand your customers. We do this by creating Ideal Target Audiences (ITA), also known as personas, avatars, or profiling. The goal is to focus on the individuals you want to reach and serve, identifying those who need your services the most and have problems that match the solutions you offer. By identifying these target audiences, we can customize our marketing efforts to reach them effectively. We also look at their psychographics and demographics, so our vendors can place your paid media where they are most likely to look for solutions. It's also important to evaluate and understand your current customer database. We analyze factors such as how much they spend, how often they make purchases, and how recently they've interacted with you. This data helps us determine the different levels of value your customers have over their lifetime.

BRAND Destination

Branding is a critical part of your business. It connects everything together, your goals, marketing, and the people involved. It creates, delivers, and promises customer experiences from when they first find out about your business to after they purchase something. Every interaction they have with your business is a brand touchpoint. It's important to make sure each touchpoint is consistent, exceeds expectations and clearly shows your business's identity and value. Branding extends beyond visuals, including elements such as your logo, colors, imagery, and content style. Consistently showcasing these aspects ensures brand recognition. The more recognizable your brand becomes, the easier it is to share information, educate your audience, and build trust. Recognizable brands help people make decisions faster.


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