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Gain Control of your Marketing Chaos

We bring hope, clarity, and marketing confidence to overwhelmed mission-driven businesses and nonprofit organizations who need to reach more to serve more.

Wasting resources on ineffective marketing?

As the leader of a mission-driven business, you’re already wearing too many hats, leaving little time to focus on marketing. And without an in-house team, you’re left hiring vendor after vendor – each promising to make your investment worthwhile. From digital to print advertising strategies; none of it seems to work, leaving you disappointed, frustrated, and frankly, confused. This is where we come in.

Guiding your path to tangible marketing success

At Agency Jen, we become your trusted marketing navigators, carving out your journey to stable growth, immense impact, and resounding success, all while helping you balance profit and purpose. As a fractional chief marketing officer (CMO), our top priority is telling your story to the right people, in the right places, with the right marketing strategies to help you grow smart.

Helping purpose-driven businesses make more impact

At Agency Jen, we take on a limited number of clients to give each business our full, undivided, and expert attention to help them get the recognition they deserve. We love helping mission and purpose-driven businesses across the US who are passionate about helping people, their families, and the wider community by delivering value-based services in the healthcare and education industries.


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Brand Development

Develop a custom brand identity toolkit that delivers a clear statement to your audience and establishes a consistent visual foundation. Your visual brand promise will foster growth and evolve as you do.

Ad Campaigns

Share your message across multiple channels, including online ads, social media, TV, and print collateral, all with an authentic message specific to your audience and campaign goals.

Marketing Plans

Through interactive workshops and one-on-one consulting, we will develop a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to achieve your unique marketing and business goals.

Fractionalized Marketing Director

Outsource your entire marketing department with our dedicated leadership of your 12-month marketing roadmap and toolkit, and get a discount on production hours and consultations.

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Whether you have an individual campaign in mind or are interested in annual strategic marketing services, we can help. Agency Jen is a marketing powerhouse fueled by creative collaboration with our clients. Schedule your meet and greet today to learn more about how we can help your business grow smart.
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Amplify your Impact with Hyper-Focused Marketing

At Agency Jen, we get to know your mission, purpose, and business inside and out to shape your brand, bring your mission to life, and help you achieve le-jen-dary results. See how you can benefit from working with us.

Why Work with Agency Jen?

Senior Level Expertise

Work with seasoned professionals who prioritize accountability, responsiveness, and quality. No entry-level handoffs or pushdowns; access the integrated team of creatives you deserve.

Direct Consultant Access

With direct access to Jenny, you won’t have to navigate office politics or a maze of people to get what you need. As a straight shooter, she aims to serve her clients with her best abilities every day.

Authentic Marketing Materials

We deliver 100% customized marketing collateral backed by marketing research and experience to ensure you stand out in all aspects imaginable. No cookie-cutter template designs allowed.

Peace of Mind Results

Leave the details to us and focus on your mission. We keep you informed throughout the process, ensuring your marketing project meets or exceeds your expectations, on time and on budget.


Our process is based on six pillars of our strategic marketing: idea generation, planning, creating, implementing, measuring, adjusting — repeat.

Using this proven system helps business owners reach their goals faster and grow smarter.

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Share your message across multiple channels, including online ads, social media, TV, and print collateral, all with an authentic message specific to your audience and campaign goals.
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