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Agency Jen maximizes your marketing efforts to grow your business smart. For businesses that lack an in-house marketing department and need expert leadership to save time, we act as your outsourced Marketing Navigators.

Part business ninjas, part creative marketing mavens and part art directors, we look at your entire organization to ensure you have the processes, strategy, and brand are in place to generate success. From creating strategic marketing plans and executing time-based projects, to launching brand awareness campaigns, we align our creative tactics with your internal capacities to help your business grow smart.


To help businesses around the nation who are committed to not only doing smart business, but business that positively impacts the lives of their consumers and community. We help by telling their authentic story and getting in front of their ideal audiences so that they can reach more, serve more, and impact more.


To build strategic roadmaps for nationwide companies who make social impact investments into their communities for positive change. Through multi-channel marketing solutions, creative advertising, and memorable content.


We strive to reach your goals by following strategic processes for branding and marketing development. Our methods help us clearly communicate your brand and reach your goals.


Our strategies are focused on finding new and creative ways of overcoming the boundaries that stand between you and consistent and continual growth. We like taking big city ideas and tailoring them to fit your budget for the best results.


We believe there are endless possibilities for any project. Our friendly curiosity and tenacious aptitude helps us find the “sweet spot” to elevate your business to the next level.


When we are both upfront about our expectations and goals, everyone wins! We guarantee full transparency and promise to be straightforward in our communications and marketing approaches.


Your results are our results and we champion for your success. We’ll never lead you down a road that’s not meant for you, your team, or your business.
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Figuring out how to market your business can be an exciting but overwhelming task. Start with a 30-minute complimentary call with Jenny to see how she can help navigate your marketing efforts to generate awareness, define brand clarity, maximize your investments and restore your confidence for smart growth.


Listen to Jenny's guest appearance in Radius Coffee Talk!

A mother, artist, and businesswoman, Jenny is a rare mix between creative and analytical. She started her career as a graphic designer but found herself far more involved in companies’ strategies than just their graphics. Agency Jen is her creative multi-channel marketing agency where she helps clients build their marketing efforts from the ground up. In this conversation, we discuss her upbringing in an entrepreneurial family, how she started her career in graphic design, and her marketing agency.

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If you’re looking for resources to elevate your marketing, dive into our treasure chest of favorite tools. We’re happy to share our tactics, trackers and templates that we have custom made over the years. From persona worksheets, marketing budgets, to planners - there’s something for everyone to help you do better and more strategic marketing.

When to Hire Agency Jen

What do you do when nothing is working?

You want your business to be a success. You’ve poured your heart and soul, not to mention, blood sweat and tears into it (and a whole lot of time and money), but despite all your heroics and best efforts, you’re stressed out and frustrated with your advertising efforts and lack of marketing results.

Business in the front, creativity in the back

Agency Jen has one purpose: to help maximize your marketing efforts (and budgets) to grow your business in a strategic way. Part business ninjas, part creative marketing mavens, and part art directors, we look at your entire organization to ensure you have the processes and strategy in place to jenerate success (see what we did there?).

“Jenny has the rare and exceptional ability to identify and apply data to decision-making processes. She not only knows how to help businesses clarify goals for their future, but she also knows what data is needed, how to get it, and how to interpret it so the right strategies can be put into place.” – Mary Bula, Director, Erie Together, Erie’s Countywide Collective Impact Movement

Let’s get your systems together

Using data, analytics and design sensibilities, we dig into your current marketing and advertising strategies (and if you lack one, we’ll help you build one) and uncover what’s working and what’s not. Then we align our innovative marketing roadmap & toolkit with your internal capacities and operations to help your business grow smart.

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Jen shares 20+ years of experiences, insights, and adventures in branding, advertising, and marketing to give you knowledge and understanding to help your business grow smart.


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