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Fight Fear, Jenny Poff, Erie, Pa

What do you do when nothing is working? 

You want your business to be a success. You’ve poured your heart and soul, not to mention,  blood sweat and tears into it, but despite all your heroics and best efforts, you’re stressed out and frustrated with your advertising and marketing efforts. Chances are you’re spending a lot of money and not seeing results. 

Business in the front, creativity in the back

Agency Jen has one purpose: to help maximize your marketing efforts to grow your business. Part business ninjas, part creative marketing mavens, and part art directors, we look at your entire organization to ensure you have the processes and strategy in place to jenerate success (see what we did there?). 

Let’s get your systems together  

Using data, analytics and design sensibilities, we dig into your current strategy and uncover what’s working and what’s not. Then we align our innovative marketing strategies with your internal capacities and operations to help your business grow…smart.  

“Jenny has the rare and exceptional ability to identify and apply data to decision-making processes. She not only knows how to help businesses clarify goals for their future, but she also knows what data is needed, how to get it, and how to interpret it so the right strategies can be put into place.”Mary Bula, Director, Erie Together, Erie’s Countywide Collective Impact Movement

Meet Your Maven – Jenny Poff 

Equal parts right and left brain, I’m kind of a unicorn. From spreadsheets to sketching, I’m a passionate creative who also loves data. I began my career as a graphic designer, spending years bringing designs to life. But at some point, I fell in love with marketing strategy and noticed that I thought of things most creatives didn’t. I was always asking questions to get a deeper understanding of the project and the client until finally, I realized what I was meant to do. 

See Ya Status Quo 

Agency Jen is the culmination of my life’s work. And I freakin’ love it! Not only do I get to jenerate ideas (oops, we did it again!), I get to tap into my expert rolodex of creative executioners to build you a virtual creative team — when needed. But wait, there’s more! 

From creating multi-channel marketing campaigns to maximizing exposure (especially with small budgets) to completing a competitive landscape so you increase your chances of being recognized and remembered, I live to deconstruct your business so that I can rebuild your marketing to your unique specifications — matching your customers’ needs as well as your internal capacity. 

Just Jenny from the Block

Perhaps it was growing up in a family business, but my combination of intuition, compassion and insight has helped me forge relationships for clients that have endured for years. It also inspired me to found the Designer’s Roundtable, a national accountability group for amazing creative entrepreneurs. I’m a sought-after speaker and presenter, have won some awards (if you care about that sort of thing) and love inspiring other women to follow their dreams and start their own businesses. 

Jen & Tonic

When I’m not painting or geeking out on strategy, you can find me at home in Erie, PA with my hubs, kids, and pups, likely cheering on their basketball games (the kids, not the pups), balancing work from home, and perhaps escaping to the beaches of Presque Isle.

Freelancer Union Member
Erie Reader 40 under 40, Jenny Poff, Erie Pa
Jenny Poff, ADDY Award
Junior Achievement Erie's Success Award, Jenny Poff
Jenny Poff, Creatives Roundtable, Designers Roundtable
GEW, Behrend, Jenny Poff, Erie, Pa
GEW, Behrend, Jenny Poff, Erie, Pa
Work with Jenny Poff, Branding Marketing Expert, Erie, PA

Get more time to help more people with smart marketing.

Limit distractions and serve more people with a trusted marketing team. Create, deliver, and manage strong brands and strategic marketing programs with Agency Jen as your marketing partner. See if we’re a fit for your business by booking a 30-minute Meet & Greet today.

Jen’s Entrepreneur Journal

Brand Consultant Turned Brand Therapist

Brand Consultant Turned Brand Therapist

See how passion inspired Jenny to become a brand consultant and how passion turned her into a brand therapist. Enjoy this Q&A done by Matthew Flowers of Ethos Copywriting – without his words you would not be able to see how Jenny is a secret weapon to business owners.

Marketing Help for Busy Business Owners

Engage60 is a heavily packed 60-minute working engagement where we will dig right into your biggest marketing challenges. Experience a rapid-fire eruption of ideas that are inspired by what you think you need against what is actually needed. We'll dig into your business, who you are serving, and how you are trying to grow. Jenny's brain is on fire at this point, adding up a variety of marketing-boss ideas that will help you reach your goals.

Limited time only, just $250! (normal consultation sessions with Jenny to dig deep and build strategic marketing plans and programs start at $500).

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