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When is it time for a new logo?

You’re a brand new organization
You’re branching into emerging markets and/or adding news services
The logo is too complicated and doesn’t say who you are
Your logo doesn’t work across different mediums – print, web, and social media
You’ve outgrown your original logo and brand
You lack a clear brand strategy
Your customers have negative perceptions of your brand

Do You Need Branding Help?

Are you struggling to establish a strong brand identity for your business? Are you feeling lost and unsure of how to effectively communicate your brand message to your target audience? If so, then you need branding help. Branding is an essential element of any successful business, as it helps customers remember and differentiate you from competitors. Without a clear and consistent brand image, potential customers may overlook your business altogether.

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Your logo is one of the most important elements of your branding strategy. It represents your company's identity and values. With the right design, it can help establish credibility and differentiate you from competitors. Consistency is key in any branding effort, and a professional logo can be used across all marketing materials such as business cards, website, brochures, social media profiles, etc., ensuring that customers recognize and associate it with your brand instantly.
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Logo Library

Enter the market with confidence with a complete logo library including a variety of file multiple formats to use across any materials such as print and web.

Brand Guidebook

Receive our famous Brand Guidebook with rules and guidelines on how to use and not use your logo so that you maintain consistency across all marketing materials.

Sales Starter Kit

With a brand new logo you’ll need a branded sales and marketing kit such as: stationary, website design, company brochure, rack card, fact sheets, and more!


Below are some of our favorite logos!

White Pine Center for Healing Logo
Erie Family Center Logo
North East Dental Arts Logo

Let's Get Connected

When you work with Agency Jen, you get one-on-one private branding consultations with Jen.

A Meet & Greet is a perfect way to introduce yourself and see if Agency Jen is a fit for your organization.
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Agency Jen’s Brand Development Process

We believe that developing your visual identity is a collaboration that fuses our creative strengths with your in-depth understanding of bringing inspiring services to the market. We have a proven logo process that we will walk you through to build your new visual identity system. The entire process takes approximately 8-12 weeks to complete.

Brand Development includes:

Visual Brand Kick Off

We utilize our proven logo process to create logos that reflect the authenticity of your business. Together, we will complete our Branding Questionnaire to collect valuable information about you, your business, personality, values, and more to maximize the development of your new logo. This fuels our creativity to design concepts that will be unique to your business and have a long shelf life.

Reveal and Revisions

We start by sketching out ideas and selecting the top concepts to present that truly represent your brand. To ensure we're on the right track, we always begin with black and white logos before moving on to color options once the design has been secured. With this meticulous approach, we're able to deliver polished and professional logos that capture the essence of your unique business.

Finalize and Launch

We will ensure that you have everything you need to showcase your new brand effectively across various platforms.

Your logo library will include high-resolution files in multiple formats, including vector (for print) and raster (for web) files. In addition to these standard file types, your logo library will also include our famous brand style guides to help maintain consistency across all marketing materials.
Agency Jen Logo + Marketing Change Maker

Amplify your Impact with Hyper-Focused Marketing

At Agency Jen, we get to know your mission, purpose, and business inside and out to shape your brand, bring your mission to life, and help you achieve le-jen-dary results. See how you can benefit from working with us.

Why Work with Agency Jen?

Senior Level Expertise

Work with seasoned professionals who prioritize accountability, responsiveness, and quality. No entry-level handoffs or pushdowns; access the integrated team of creatives you deserve.

Direct Consultant Access

With direct access to Jenny, you won’t have to navigate office politics or a maze of people to get what you need. As a straight shooter, she aims to serve her clients with her best abilities every day.

Authentic Marketing Materials

We deliver 100% customized marketing collateral backed by marketing research and experience to ensure you stand out in all aspects imaginable. No cookie-cutter template designs allowed.

Peace of Mind Results

Leave the details to us and focus on your mission. We keep you informed throughout the process, ensuring your marketing project meets or exceeds your expectations, on time and on budget.
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Schedule a branding chat today!

Schedule a chat to see if we can help prepare and ensure your brand is on a healthy path to reach your business goals. Are you ready to grow smart?


How many logo revisions will you make?

We offer 2 rounds of revisions for each stage of your logo development. It’s our goal to do the heavy lifting from the start in our Brand Kick Off so that we are both focused on creating your authentic logo that’s relevant to you, your business, and your ideal target audience.

What about the copyright of my logo?

Once you have ordered a logo design with us, and have made full payment, you are the legal outright copyright owner of the final logo library, and we do not have any claims to it whatsoever. You are able to trademark the logo.

How will I receive my logo library and brand style guide?

We utilize Google Drive to share to you a private folder that holds your complete logo library and brand style guide. All you need is a gmail email address to access. It’s important to keep your logo files contained and not duplicated or triplicated across your company, Use one library to control your own brand after launching.

How long does a logo design take?

The turnaround time for a logo from sales to completion is typically 8-12 weeks. Timeframes are also dependent on response time, and any additional changes to designs outside of the original creative scope of work.

How do we get started with building my new logo?

To have us design your new logo, we ask that you schedule a complementary Meet & Greet to ensure we’re the right creative team for you. When we are a fit, you will sign a creative service agreement and remit 50% deposit. Once payment is received we’ll schedule your personalized Brand Kick Off call.

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