Project Request Form


To submit a creative project request, click on the pencil icon below, provide your project details, and click submit. We’ll notify you when we’ve received your request and will let you know if have any questions.

Large Projects
(new concept, multiple pages, content required)
Examples: new campaign and/or promotion, press releases, sales materials, etc.
10-15 days

Smaller Projects
(new concept, one page or less, minimal content)
Examples: new print ads, sponsorship ads, sell sheets, blog post submissions, newsletter templates, etc.
5 days

Revisions on Projects
(Text or image replacements, ad resizing, reprints)
Examples: website revisions, print and digital ads, etc.
5 days

This process is only required for projects that are outside of the scope of your marketing roadmap. You do not need to submit the form for projects or deliverables that you’ve discussed with Jenny as part of your existing marketing plan.