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We help service-based mission-driven businesses and organizations who need branding, advertising, and marketing guidance and support to reach more and serve more.
Ideal businesses and organizations should meet the following:
Do not have an in-house marketing department
Do not have a dedicated marketing director
May have an entry level or part-time marketing coordinator
Be able to allocate funds to marketing budget
Willing and open to approaching the business of marketing differently
Dedicated and committed to reaching business goals with accountability
Willing to be collaborative with a trusted marketing partner
Willing to tell stories of impact on people and communities


We help organizations advertise with clarity and confidence and believe that successful marketing is built from a strong brand foundation.


We seek the most cost-effective, results-driven marketing approaches built from data to create for you proven strategies to help you reach your goals. Whether your goals are to increase revenue, gain new and better leads, or spread brand awareness, we'll create advertising and marketing programs tailored to meet your needs that measure results.

As private strategic marketing consultants, we handhold you through a proprietary process to ensure we’re gathering all the appropriate business intelligence to create personalized campaigns that align with your timeframe, goals, capabilities, and budget.

Utilizing the Jenerate Marketing Roadmap & Toolkit™, which is packed with tools and systems, optimizes your marketing budget and captures tangible marketing results to showcase the best marketing return on investment (ROI).


An effective advertising campaign can make or break a company's success, and it all starts with a well-designed visual representation. We specialize in creating thoughtful graphic design and managing consistent brands that best showcase your organization. 

Graphic design plays a significant role in creating a brand identity that resonates with consumers. By utilizing color schemes, font choices, and imagery that aligns with your organization’s values and messaging, organizations can create an emotional connection with their target audience. A strong brand identity sets organizations apart from their competitors and helps build trust in their communities.

Art direction takes this one step further by ensuring that all elements of a campaign work together seamlessly to convey the desired message effectively.

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Whether you have an individual campaign in mind or are interested in annual strategic marketing services, we can help. Agency Jen is a marketing powerhouse fueled by creative collaboration with our clients. Schedule your meet and greet today to learn more about how we can help your business grow smart.

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